The New Face Of Fitness In Northampton County

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Slim Tone Build Fitness Center Equipment

“Slim Tone Build Fitness Center is everything that I would want in a gym I exercise in. I chose a wide variety of equipment that would allow all my members to reach every and any stage of exercise they had in mind. I find that most gyms carter only to one particular specialty and I wanted to put everything under one roof for one low price. Whether it’s stability, cardio, conditioning, body-weight functional, strength training, body building, etc. Whatever it may be, my members can achieve it here.”

– Gary, owner

Gym, Local Gym, Easton, Forks Township, Boxing



Are you tired of working out at the same old gyms and never seeing any results? Welcome to the new face of fitness in the Northampton County. Come train with top-educated personal trainers or workout on your own in a comfortable, safe and judgement-free environment. Slim Tone Build is your solution!

3 Questions to ask yourself

1. What were you doing today 3 months ago?
2. Who do you want to be 3 months from now?
3. What’s stopping you?

Don’t waste anymore time!

“I love the fact that he had a lot of conditioning equipment with also the regular gym style equipment. I don’t have to go to two separate gyms anymore”

~Takiyah Lox

“The owner is passionate and knowledgeable about fitness. If you are into wight lifting and proper training, I highly recommend this gym.”

~ Ryan Richards

“Awesome trainer-you won’t be disappointed no matter what your goals may be!”

~Anita Graham


What Does STB Fitness Center Have To Offer?

Be sure to take advantage of all the amenities Slim Tone Build Fitness Center has to offer. Find out what equipment and amenities are available by clicking the link below.

Boxing Is A Fun, Easy Way To Burn Extra Calories

We All Have The Same 24 Hrs In A Day… But What We Choose To Do With It, Is What Makes Us Different

Everyone could use a little advice from time to time. Check out our FREE TIPS page to see what small changes you can make to speed up your transformation and CRUSH your goals.

Why Do You Need A Certified Personal Trainer?

What is the first thing you do when you walk into a gym? What’s the first piece of equipment you use? What’s the first exercise you do? Most people don’t have a clue. Half walk into the gym, look around at all the strange machines and since it’s the only piece of equipment they know how to use they just jump on the treadmill. They run or walk for half an hour or so then go home and wonder why the pounds aren’t melting off. The other half goes and picks heavy things up and puts them back again. Just do that ten times, right? That’s where a certified personal trainer is vital. Your CPT has the knowledge to determine how many sets, reps, how much rest time, how much weight and how fast or slow the exercise should be done for you to reach your individual results.

No two goals can be achieved by doing the same exercise. No two people can do the same exercise and get the same result. It takes an educated and experienced personal trainer to determine exactly what it is that you need to do to achieve success. Don’t continue to waste time and money on ordinary gym memberships, magic diet pills or one size fits all exercise programs. Come to Slim Tone Build Fitness Center and work with the best.


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